Guide to Solids Probe Positioning

A Helpful Guide for Correctly Positioning a Probe on a Silo Containing Solids Product

When installing level measurement equipment on a silo to monitor solid, powder or granular products (for example cement or sand), consideration must be given to the behaviour of the product in order to achieve the most reliable results. During transfer operations of bulk solid material to and from storage silos, the shape of the surface of the material changes. This can make the reliable measurement of the product difficult if the level probe is not correctly located. Hycontrol probes offer high degrees of accuracy, but best placement is vital for vessels containing solid products.  


By positioning the level measurement probe at a position of 2/3rd of the silo’s radius, the user will generally have more accurate level readings, taking into account natural conical peaks and troughs that arise during the filling and emptying procedures. As is illustrated in the examples below, the 2/3rd radius position is the point that offers the best available indication of the true content level inside the silo and is the method utilised by Hycontrol installation engineers.

Examples of correctly positioned level probes.

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