Blog: Our MD on Climbing Silos

Managing Director writes about climbing a silo

"I could not do this every day but somebody has to!"

In a blog post on LinkedIn, our Managing Director, Nigel Allen, writes about his recent visit to a site to watch one of our new SHIELD Silo Protection Systems being installed on a 50ft-high silo.

"Whilst I do not like climbing silos or working at height in general, after this installation I did genuinely get a ‘warm feeling’ of great satisfaction that as a company, Hycontrol is playing its part in reducing this working at height risk. Our ground level test silo protection system enables testing of all of the essential components with both feet firmly on the ground which is surely the most sensible option for all site engineers (and MDs who don’t like heights!)."

To read the full article please click on the photo below:

Nigel Allen enjoys the view

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