Introducing SureSense+

The next step in the evolution of foam control technology

SureSense⁺ prevents anti-foam overdosing, bringing operators a new level of control

Redditch, UK - Level measurement experts Hycontrol have announced the launch of the new SureSense⁺ foam control and detection system.

Foam causes issues across a wide range of industries from wastewater treatment to food production. Problems caused by foam include pollution, contamination, product loss, downtime, and clean-up costs. Excess foam can also damage equipment such as pumps, compressors, and filters on applications such as AD digesters in energy from waste. Anti-foam agents are effective in reducing or removing foam but are expensive and hard to dose correctly as foam is a varying process and a constantly changing substance. The traditional solution to this has been to constantly dose anti-foam chemicals in high quantities, whether foam is present or not. This overdosing is not only wasteful but extremely costly.

To overcome this, Hycontrol’s SureSense⁺ system utilises patented IMA (Intelligent Multi-Action) technology to monitor and reactively control foam levels in a process. This purpose-designed system is reliable, accurate and is not adversely affected by product build-up or contamination on the probe. 

SureSense⁺ can have up to three foam probes connected to one controller with independent dosing control – reducing costs and increasing flexibility. Liquid detection capability also provides greater process control, and a proportional dosing algorithm further reduces unnecessary anti-foam usage to cut expensive waste to the absolute minimum. Probes can have up to three sensor points, across a length of up to 3 metres. Additional features include additional relay outputs and a clear LCD interface which provides a simple menu-driven set-up. 

Put simply, the Hycontrol SureSense⁺ is the most complete foam control offering yet.

Hycontrol’s Managing Director, Nigel Allen, welcomed the introduction of the new SureSense⁺, saying: “Foam is a problematic issue for a great many businesses, from brewing, to wastewater, to pharmaceuticals. Historically the only way to deal with it in most cases has been for operators to guess how much anti-foam is required, leading to chronic overdosing – at great expense. With the launch of the SureSense⁺, we offer a practical, cost-saving solution to a range of control issues, far in advance of anything previously available. SureSense⁺ enables users to take control of dosing and manage their process far more efficiently.”

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