Reflex LR - Ultrasonic Level Controller

Level measurement for liquids & solids

The Reflex LR unit pushes the boundaries of non-contact ultrasonic level measurement. This new range of smart level instruments is capable of measuring distances in excess of 60 metres and is suitable for both solids and liquids. Using new technology developed with low frequencies, this new range is capable of measuring in extremely difficult applications including very dusty and dirty environments where most traditional ultrasonics will fail.  

Level measurement on difficult solids applications in excess of 60m is now possible with two-wire technology. This new range can be programmed remotely using Hycontrol’s Vision System II software.

Using this option instruments can be connected via the GSM LINK to a Hycontrol Service Engineer in our UK office. This makes it simple to analyse and overcome any commissioning issues which may be experienced in the field, without having to actually visit your site (avoiding incurring any additional call-out charges).

The Reflex LR is designed to be used with the new range of RVT transducers which have a wide selection of process connections available to suit most applications.

Product Highlights

  • Long range up to 60m
  • Hazardous area approvals
  • Multi-drop capability
  • Chemical resistant transducers
  • Local display and alarm control
  • Remote connectivity for fault finding
  • Low frequency for dust penetration
  • Suitable for liquid and solid products
  • Non-contact measurement principle
  • Spurious signal rejection

Technical Data

  • Measuring Range: 0 - 60m
  • Accuracy: 0.25%
  • Maximum Temperature: 90ÂșC
  • ATEX option: Yes