DP140 Vibrating Diamond Point Level Switch

Level switches for solids

The DP Series Diamond Point level switch is designed specifically for use with dry products ranging from heavy materials such as stone, aggregates and cement, to very low-density materials like cornflakes and flour. Its unique principle of operation and shape ensure that it is self-cleaning and because it is only sensitive near its tip it is not influenced by build-up on the silo walls.

The DP140 provides the flexibility of different insertion lengths up to 4 metres. The extension pipe has threads on both ends screwed between the vibrating probe and the 1½” mounting socket. As no special equipment is necessary for making the extension tube at the site, this helps to reduce spares and save costs for transportation. The DP140 is suitable for top mounting.

Product Highlights

  • No moving parts to wear
  • No maintenance required

  • Very strong and robust

  • Unaffected by environmental changes

  • ATEX options

  • Simple to install

  • Measures products from 10grm/litre

  • Only sensitive near the probe tip

Technical Data

  • Max. Probe Length: 4m
  • Min. Product Density: 20gpl
  • Maximum Temperature: -20ºC to +80ºC
  • ATEX option: No