HYCAO3 Series

Level switches for liquids

Conductivity level sensors are ideal for the point level detection of liquids, typically water. The Hycontrol conductive level sensors use a low voltage, current-limited power source applied across separate electrodes which are typically two or three probes. A conductive liquid contacting both the longest probe (common) and a shorter probe (return) completes a conductive circuit.

Conductive sensors are extremely safe because they use low voltage and currents and have the additional benefit of being solid-state devices which are very simple to install and use.

The Hycontrol unit is designed for pump control or alarm indication. The electrodes are mounted on the tank top via their holders (EA18) and a stainless steel rod is fitted to suit the required switch points. The electronic level control units, together with resistive probes are suitable for the control and monitoring of the levels of any conductive liquids.

The level is determined by the length of the electrodes linked to the controller and usually, these can be modified on site if required.

The HYCAO3M controller is manufactured from shock resistant thermoplastic and is designed for DIN rail mounting.

Technical Data

  • Range: 0 - 1m
  • Accuracy: +/- 2mm
  • Maximum Temperature: 250ÂșC
  • ATEX option: No