SureSense+ - Detection of Aqueous Foam

Level sensors for foam detection

The SureSense⁺ is an advanced wall-mounted foam controller, which connects to up to three sensors mounted in single or multiple process vessel(s). This multi-probe capability allows for fully independent monitoring and dosing control of up to three tanks from a single controller, offering multi-tank users a significant cost saving.
SureSense⁺ allows for accurate control of aqueous foam by sensing and differentiating between foam and liquid contact. Utilising one of a selection of control algorithms, the controller can activate a dosing pump to either keep the foam at a fixed level or to reduce the foam height as required. It offers both proportional and delay-and-shot algorithms for anti-foam dosing when controlling a pump or valve, and is pre-programmed with a number of useful factory application settings/recipes to aid set-up.

Hycontrol’s unique IMA sensing® technology ensures the system will operate correctly even if the attached sensors become severely fouled.

Key benefits of SureSense⁺:

  • Clear display with easy menus for simple programming and use
  • Multiple relay outputs for improved control
  • Connect up to three foam probes to one controller - reduce costs
  • Liquid detection capability to provide greater process control
  • Proportional dosing algorithm reduces unnecessary anti-foam use
  • Record anti-foam use to alert when approaching low level
  • Directly control pumps or valves, or connect to an external controller
  • Probes pressure resistant to 10 bar, temperature to 150°C 
  • Wide selection of foam probe lengths, connections and materials
  • Immunity to fouling with unique IMA sensing® = total probe reliability

* For video demonstrations on how our SureSense foam sensor works, follow the links below:





Technical Data

  • Range: 0 - 6m
  • IMA Sensing: Yes
  • Maximum Temperature: 170ºC
  • ATEX option: Yes