MultiSense - Level Measurement for Foam

Level sensors for foam detection

The MultiSense is a new type of level sensor which uses an array of small sensors built into one body. Each sensor acts as a separate micro-sensor which is used to measure the material adjacent to it. This allows very high accuracy and enables a number of separate parameters to be measured at the same time. The micro-sensors also act together in an array to give more information on the material and to detect interfaces between phases in the material, e.g. liquid and foam or different liquids.

The system comprises a sensor and a controller. The sensor is entered into the material being measured e.g. a fermenter or mixing vessel and is connected to the controller by special cables. The system makes use of Hycontrol’s proprietary IMA sensing technology to give fouling immunity and high precision.

The system is particularly designed to measure and control foam. The level control can be used to manage processes in which foam is unwanted but also those in which foam is a necessary part of the process.

Product Highlights

  • Liquid and Foam Level Control in One Sensor
  • Immune to Fouling
  • Hygienic Construction
  • Pump Control Output
  • No moving parts
  • Liquid level control ignoring foam
  • Conductivity measurements

Technical Data

  • Range: 0 - 6m
  • IMA Sensing: Yes
  • Maximum Temperature: 170ÂșC
  • ATEX option: No