FTA100 / FTA101 - Foam Tendency Analysers

Systems for the prediction of aqueous foam

The FTA100 and FTA101 are unique Foam Control Systems that provide a pre-emptive rather than reactive approach to foam control. An FTA device operates fully automatically, measuring the tendency of a liquid to create foam and taking action before it happens in a process. This is achieved by extracting a sample from the process and analysing the foaming tendency in a small test cell. Foam can be created in the cell before it occurs in the plant, by modelling the process which could create foam.

The system uses Hycontrol’s unique IMA sensing technology to sense and control foam reliably by means of a Foam Sensor. Hycontrol Foam Sensors are designed for highly reliable foam control even if coated with a sticky build-up on the surface.

The FTA100 and FTA101 are designed primarily for low maintenance and will operate for long periods without attention. The test cell can be easily removed to rinse out any debris that builds up, when necessary.

The FTA100 includes an antifoam pump to control the foam and can generate a signal to a process controller or an alarm.

The FTA101 has the same functionality but does not have an internal antifoam pump and should be linked to an external pump.

Note: All customers must ensure compatibility of wetted components with the intended application. Hycontrol cannot be held responsible for any chemical incompatibility. Please refer to the datasheet for more information.

Product Highlights

  • Predicts foam before it happens.
  • Reduces Costs - Adds antifoam only when necessary.
  • Prevents foam in inaccessible places – e.g. sewers & drains.
  • Generates an early warning of foam.
  • Fully Automatic Operation


Technical Data

  • Foam Prediction: Yes
  • IMA Sensing: Yes
  • Voltage: 100/250 vAC
  • :