SX Series

Advanced Graphic Recorders

Hycontrol’s range of paperless recorders provides flexible electronic data acquisition and recording in a high functionality, small or large display format recorder.

The recorders have the capability of monitoring up to 48 analogue inputs with at least 70MB of available onboard memory, plus additional removable storage media.

The Hycontrol display uses a digital colour TFT LCD screen to provide easy to read displays with wide viewing angles for the best all round data viewing. The touch screen operator interface provides fast, easy access to recorder menus making setup and data analysis quick and efficient. Navigation through the menus and text entry is direct and intuitive.

These units are utilised in many applications for providing a clear indication of multiple tank contents on typical applications in tank farms, ranging from solvents and chemicals to sands and oils.

These systems can display the information at the source or link easily into a network via the Internet Ethernet port which enables multiple users to view the data from multiple locations around the factory or site.

Product Highlights

  • Multiple display options
  • Heavy duty touch screen option
  • Multiple screen sizes
  • 10/100 Ethernet/RS485/MODBUS comms
  • Clear intuitive programming
  • Password protection
  • Inbuilt USB ports
  • Rapid review of data
  • Alarm outputs options
  • MATH/totalizer functions

Technical Data

  • Number of inputs: up to 48
  • Minimum input span: fully configurable
  • Input resolution: 0.0015%
  • Voltage: 100-250V DC