PB1471 Bar Graph


The Hycontrol Bar Graph provides economical, high-visibility 101 segment bar graph displays for most of the popular signals such as 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA, 1-5 V, and 0-10 V. The meter provides a full 144 mm display with exceptional visibility over long distances.

The bar graph housing is made of extruded plastic and is designed to be panel mounted; however, it can be wall mounted with the addition of another enclosure. Installation is such that the bar graph is vertical and when panel mounted, the front of the display is sealed to IP54.

These Hycontrol LED bar graph meters are used as an ideal means to display relative values without having to calculate tank capacities etc. Bar graph displays are ideal for tank contents monitoring as they provide a direct visual indication of the level within the vessel.

This display indicator provides a very simple visual display, easy to read at a glance without having to calculate either tank capacities or minimum and maximum values.

Product Highlights

  • 24V DC excitation transmitter power
  • Simple set-up menu
  • Volume conversion menu
  • Front panel programming
  • 4 digit numeric display plus bar graph
  • High intensity LED
  • 20 point linearisation
  • Wide range power supply
  • Current and voltage input signals
  • Clear visual display

Technical Data

  • Display: Bargraph / 4 digit
  • Sealing to Panel: IP54
  • Input: mA / mV / V
  • Excitation: 24V DC at 50mA