DP Series Level Switch for Sediment Detection

Level probe for detecting solids under water

Hycontrol’s vibrating probes are designed for the detection of all kinds of bulk solids; powdered, grained or in a granular state. Its robust design and its high sensitivity make it perfect for a wide range of applications; from heavy materials in rough environments down to the detection of light materials and powders. This includes detecting solids underneath liquids using a special model option for SEDIMENT. Typical applications include salt saturators for detecting salt under water and sand settlement from production processes.

Product Highlights

  • Wide range of applications: ideal for light materials like styrofoam as well as for heavy bulk solids like sand, for powders as well as for granules with grain sizes up to 20mm
  • The extremely high sensitivity makes the sediment option applicable for materials with densities as low as 10 grammes per litre
  • No false alarms due to bridging: the single blade design eliminates the risk that material can build a bridge between the two blades, a common problem with instruments with fork design
  • No false alarms due to material build-up onto the vibrating blade: the sword-shaped blade helps that material can easily flow
  • No false alarms due to rat holing: as the sword-shaped vibrating blade prevents material to deposit onto it the sediment option can be driven with very low energy. This prevents that the instrument can build a cavity inside the material, in which it could vibrate although surrounded by material
  • Material settled on the silo wall has no influence on the function of the sediment probe as only the vibrating blade is sensitive, not the 90mm long base of the probe
  • The complete probe is made out of stainless steel, the electronics is mounted inside an aluminium enclosure, protection IP66 / IP67
  • All units are CE-certified and meet the requirements of European directives LVD 2006/95/EC and EMC 2004/108/EC
  • ATEX approvals for gas- and dust-Ex applications available.









Technical Data

  • Max. Probe Length: 20m
  • Min. Product Density: 20gpl
  • Maximum Temperature: 250ÂșC
  • ATEX option: Yes