Plumbob 4000 Series

Electromechanical level measurement

Also referred to as a 'Yo-Yo' sensor, the Hycontrol Plumbob level sensor is a straightforward electromechanical level measuring instrument for continuous measurement of the level or contents in tanks and silos.

The Hycontrol control unit is mounted on the top of the silo and a sensor weight is mounted at the end of a rope or tape which is wound around a motor driven roller. The weight is then driven down into the silo until it makes contact with the bulk material. When it detects the product the motor changes the winding direction and the sensor weight is driven back to the upper stop position. During this downwards movement of the sensor weight, the distance is electronically measured by the rotations of the internal rope/tape roller. The microcontroller then converts the measured distance into an output signal which can be converted into a volumetric signal based on the dimensions and geometry of the silo. The output signal is updated when the sensor weight touches the bulk material.

The Plumbob 4000 series is recommended for use on dry and unproblematic bulk goods. It is particularly suitable for the building, animal feed and grain industry.

This technology has been available for many years and has a number of advantages which other high technology products such as radar or TDR cannot solve. An example of this is on low dielectric plastic products or salt saturators for detecting the granular salt levels beneath the water. In this application, the water and salt levels change independently of each other but the plumb bob will measure through the water every time to reach solid product - simple but effective!

Product Highlights

  • Operates in dusty atmospheres
  • Simple automatic operation
  • Long life motors for extended life
  • Service interval alarm indication
  • No mechanical load on the silo roof

Technical Data

  • Measuring Range: Max. 30m
  • Sensitivity: from 300g/l
  • Maximum Temperature: -40°C to +80°C
  • ATEX option: Yes