ME28 High-Temperature

Level Switch for Liquids and Solids

The ME Series is the first of a versatile range of capacitance technology products for material level switching to be introduced by Hycontrol.

Traditional capacitance switches have a critical technology limitation that requires a specific transmitter and/or sensor to be used dependent upon the dielectric constant and conductance of the material monitored.

As the result of a major technological breakthrough, the ME Series uses the same transmitter and sensor for all applications.

This advancement in capacitance level switch technology simplifies product selection, ordering, installation, maintenance, and spare parts stocking.

While the ME Series may be adjusted to suit specific process requirements, the factory settings are ideal for most applications.

A simple sensitivity adjustment (dip switch and/or potentiometer) may be required when sticky conductive materials are to be detected.

Usually, you can just mount it, wire it, and forget it!

Technical Data

  • Probe Length: 2m
  • Ground Level Test: Yes
  • Max Temperature: 800°C
  • ATEX Option: No