Microflex C - Ultrasonic Two-Wire Level Transmitter

Non-contact level measurement for liquids & slurries

Hycontrol's best-selling Microflex C is a low-cost non-contact ultrasonic level transmitter, designed for use on liquid products only.

The principle of operation is often referred to as ‘time of flight’. An ultrasonic pulse is emitted from the integral transducer down towards the target and is reflected back from the surface. The time it takes to travel from and to the transducer is directly proportional to the distance travelled. This range is capable of measuring distances up to 11m and can be configured for level, flow, distance and volume output.

The Microflex is available in three configurations all with two wire loop powered technology. The basic version, Microflex C, is an 8 m range low-cost unit with an accuracy of 1%. The accuracy increases for the next model Microflex CER, to 0.25% plus it has two additional built-in relays for pump or alarm control. The latest version (the Microflex CIS) has ATEX certification and also an 11 m range.

All units are programmed via an integral keypad, or alternatively the extended range models CER and CIS can be programmed via HART. Microflex provides a low-cost level measurement solution for simple liquid applications and has proven hugely successful in a wide range of industries.


Product highlights

  • Range up to 11m

  • Advanced echo extraction

  • Very competitive price

  • ATEX approval

  • Two-wire advanced technology 

  • Simple to install and commission

  • Non-contact measurement principle

  • 2” BSP/NPT process connection

  • Chemical resistant transducers 

  • Suitable for wide range of liquids

Technical Data

  • Measuring Range: 0 - 11m
  • Accuracy: 0.5%
  • Maximum Temperature: 70ÂșC
  • ATEX option: Yes