MD11/12 Standard Model / L Type

Level Switch for Liquids and Solids

Uses a very similar technology to Capacitance to detect the product level, but has an additional reference probe.

The probe will change output when the product comes into the vicinity of or makes contact with the sensing probe.

The advantage of this technology is that it has the ability to work with a considerable build up on the probe without false switching as it can distinguish between a coating and product level.

This principle relies on the dielectric properties of the media. 

The preset material detection sensitivity suits most applications. Only when a sticky conductive material is to be detected, may increased sensitivity be required.

Unlike some competitive products, the transmitter does not require replacement with a more sensitive model should sensitivity adjustment be required.

Both a range selection switch and potentiometer are provided, for maximum sensitivity adjustment flexibility.

Technical Data

  • Probe Length: 300mm
  • Ground Level Test: Yes
  • Max Temperature: 150°C
  • ATEX Option: No