Hycontrol has over 30 years experience in applying level measurement solutions over a diverse range of industries. We understand the consequences of innacurate and unreliable level systems. Therefore each Hycontrol installation is tailored precisely to your application, to provide the best engineered solution… without compromise.


Ground Level Test Facility for High Level Alarms

Hycontrol have received industry safety awards for designing and manufacturing level monitoring systems to prevent overspill from tanks or silos. The systems will significantly improve health and safety on site, reduce product wastage and avoid expensive
damage to storage vessels.

Typical systems include a level gauge, displaying contents and ullage with an early high level warning, and then additional and totally separate to this system an independent ultimate high level probe. When coupled with clear level information in the form of ultra bright multi LED traffic lights the displays provide the ultimate solution for preventing overspills.

These systems are individually tailored to meet the requirements of the application and provide the 'best engineered solution'. They are used by oil companies such as Total, Shell, Nynas and BP, whilst being designed in collaboration with associations such as the Refined Bitumen Association (RBA).

The systems are available in a wide array of configurations with Hycontrol being one of the only level measurement companies to design, build, supply, install and service the complete system.



Safety Highlights                                          

   • Designed in-house by Hycontrol engineers
   • ATEX designs available
   • Full installation service avaliable
   • Hycontrol engineers are cherry picker licenced
   • Technical support for the life of equipment
   • Service engineers trained in panels and components
   • Spares held by service engineers in case of
• All panel spares held at main office in Redditch
• Innovative designs coupled with level gauge benefits
 • Very competitive product range
• No third parties involved for maintenance
• Over 30 years' of engineering expertise

An overspill of any product whether liquid or solid, can be a potential hazard but if it is a particular aggressive product such as hot bitumen or acid the consequences could be fatal! For these types of applications an independent high-level safety alarm is essential at the top of the tank.

Health & Safety objectives are evolving every year and continuously trying to improve site safety with the introduction of many new guidelines such as regular instrument tests and a reduction in the requirement to have to climb to the tops of tanks and silos. Therefore instrumentation which is normally mounted at the top of the tank, such as high-level alarms, has had to be improved in order to conform with these safety objectives. Testing of high-level alarms from the bottom of the tank to ground level is an essential requirement for switches on these critical level applications.

Hycontrol have tackled this problem with both feet firmly on the ground. Their wide range of high level switches have the facility to  be connected to a test switch or panel mounted at the bottom of the tank or silo and thus allow the high-level alarms to be tested without  the need to climb to the top of silos to carry out a physical test of high-level switch.


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