Hycontrol has over 30 years experience in applying level measurement solutions over a diverse range of industries. We understand the consequences of innacurate and unreliable level systems. Therefore each Hycontrol installation is tailored precisely to your application, to provide the best engineered solution… without compromise.


Hycontrol Bitumen Safety Systems

As the number one supplier in the UK for complete bitumen monitoring systems, Hycontrol have supplied every major quarry company and bitumen tank manufacturer in the UK.

Hycontrol systems are designed in accordance with the Refined Bitumen Association's (RBA) current code of practice.

These systems are designed for maximum safety which Hycontrol promotes extensively into the quarry industry. Working to this standard is essential if bitumen over-spills and incidents are to be reduced if not eliminated.

All Hycontrol sales and service personnel are bitumen safety trained and all carry quarry safety passports.

Group alarms for ultimate high (red) and high level alarm (amber). These are totally independent of each other and activated by either the TDR or the RF-Probe.

Each beacon has its own siren also with different tones to differentiate between them.











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