Hycontrol China

Hycontrol China Office

Hycontrol has expanded into new territories and regions by opening an office in Beijing, China. This is Hycontrol's first overseas office which opened in 2001.

Hycontrol China is based in Beijing just a 5-minute drive away from China’s 2008 Olympic Stadium. The office was opened in 2001 and currently has 10 employees in sales and marketing who have extensive instrumentation backgrounds. Hycontrol’s objective is to recruit, train and support a distribution network of representatives across China. Please contact Hycontrol for details of your local agent.

Address details:

Beijing Hycontrol
Room N601
Peking Times Square
Chaoyang District
Beijing 100101

Tel: +86 108 487 1101 
Facsimile: +86 108 487 1033

Email: simon@hycontrol.com.cn