Hycontrol Limited UK (Head Office)

Hycontrol China Office

Hycontrol engineers have been specifying pressure, level and flow instrumentation since 1977 on a diverse range of applications from offshore oil rigs to the mighty Challenger Battle Tank.

Hycontrol’s product range has increased considerably since this time introducing new technologies to solve more and more demanding applications in level measurement. We can now measure the contents of tanks with non-invasive technology and measure silos as high as 60m using only simple two-wire devices. This extensive range of level technologies now includes everything from a simple float to a dual output multi-interface level sonar detector.

Originally only manufacturing and supplying a range of instrumentation, Hycontrol’s supply has now extended to incorporate complete project management including the supply, installation and commissioning of complete turnkey projects.

Our success is built on our ability to offer the right solution for the right application first time and to support this solution with unparalleled service and technical support.

Working very closely with industry associations and multinational organization, to jointly engineer solutions for industrial applications, Hycontrol provides their customers with a unique flexible design approach unequalled by many of their competitors.

Whilst Hycontrol are always aware of commercial limitations, our approach to offering the correct product for any application is always based on the best engineering solution. We pride ourselves on our industry application knowledge gained through our installed base of over 50,000 instruments worldwide.