Microsense Doppler flow switch

The Microsense Doppler flow switch provides a simple non-contact, non-intrusive option suitable for many dry solids applications. The system comprises of a single transmitter/receiver which is mounted directly on to the pipe, chute or silo and has a maximum range of 2m.

During operation the transmitter emits a continuous, low power microwave beam and an output relay is energised or de-energised when movement is detected by the Doppler system. The switch trigger point is determined by the amount of microwave energy received and therefore can be adjusted to cater for different products and different senstivity settings depending on the application.

Typical applications for detecting flow or no flow of materials include pneumatic transfer pipes, silo discharge conveyors, chutes and general conveyor systems. The Microsense Doppler flow switch can also be used in conjunction with the receiver section of the Microwave level switch system to give the unique capability of providing both blocked chute detection and flow no flow from a single system.






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