Foaming At The Mouth?

Our Technical Director has written an excellent article on the challenges of foam in processes and how our unique Charis systems can control it in the current issue of Process Industry Informer magazine:

"Foam generation can cause a variety of expensive and time-consuming problems. These include environmental pollution, potential product contamination, loss of product through excessive foaming, downtime and clean-up costs if foams spill over from the process. Excess foam can severely limit product throughput in a process and can result in damage to equipment including pumps, filters and valves. Add into this the ongoing cost of de-foamers and it is clear how important it is to implement effective foam control."

"Uncontrolled foam generation can affect productivity in a wide range of industries. It causes particular problems in the pharmaceutical, waste water and food & beverage sectors. The foam control systems are proving to be very effective in these industries, bringing significant cost savings and productivity improvements. By monitoring and measuring foam production, real time data can be used to ensure de-foamers are only added in controlled quantities when required."

Read the full article here!

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