Wireless Level Measurement

Hycontrol supply a wide range of level measuring technologies for many extreme applications in difficult and hostileeinvironments but Hycontrol's capability does not just end with the measuring instrument itself.  Instruments that are installed in areas where data communication cables are either not present, not suitable or just too costly to install, can now be easily accessed.

Wireless technology has been available for many years, albeit at a price, but now Hycontrol have introduced a new generation of low cost systems to satisfy both fixed and mobile applications.   The system consists of a transmitter that can be connected to up to six sensors, (will accept any 4-20mA input) and one or more receiver stations.  The transmitters are mains powered and permanently installed but the receivers can be either battery operated portable devices or fixed point output versions.  The portable unit can display up to six different inputs in either bar graph format or numeric display values.













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