Series 131.4

Low Flow Rates

Series 131.4 solenoid valves are direct operated. They are used for general applications with media such as inert gases and light oils. Series 131.4 solenoid valves are used for the automatic control of media where low flow rates are required.


Some typical application examples:

  • Diesel oil burners
  • Lubrication systems
  • Measurement and control instruments
  • Gas analysers
  • Fumes analysers
  • Distribution of light oils
  • Welding machines with controlled atmosphere
  • In vacuum applications series 123 valves can be used in a range from 10-3 to 10+3 torr.


Series 131.4

Maximum Pressure:8 bar


  • Media: Inert Gases, Light Oils
  • Voltage/Frequency Rating: 24V/50Hz