Type 800 Subminiature Precision Pressure Regulator

Precise air pressure regulation for application where space is limited

The Type-800 is a compact air regulator that supplies precise air pressure control for applications where space is limited. This high quality unit, available in five pressure ranges up to 100 psig (700 kPa), offers the same dependable performance as ControlAir's larger precision air pressure regulators. An oversized supply valve provides the Type 800 with significantly higher flow capacities than competitive units of similar size. The Type 800 is also available with a variety of convenient port sizes and mounting options. Corrosion resistant materials, lightweight construction and low cost, combine to make the Type 800 ideal for any application where space is at a premium.

  • Flow Capacity.: 5 SCFM (150 Nl/min) at 100 psig (7 BAR) supply and 30 psig (2 BAR) set point
  • Exhaust Capacity.: 0.4 SCFM (12 Nl/min) at a downstream pressure of 10 psig (0.7 BAR) above the set point.

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