New MicroSense Level Switch

This Level switch consists of two parts; a transmitter and a receiver placed on the outside walls of a tank or vessel, on opposite sides. The transmitter emits a burst of microwave energy towards the receiver. This burst of energy is transmitted approximately 200 times each second. If a sufficiently reflective or absorbent material interrupts the line of sight between these two units, the energy will not reach the receiver. Any loss in signal at the receiver will trigger a change of state and operate a relay to indicate high or low condition. The sensitivity is adjustable to cater for a wide range of materials.

Long ranges, non-invasive, wide temperature range.

Granules, flakes, stones, sands, cement, fillers, liquids, pastes.

The example below shows two Microwave switches being utilised as blocked chute detectors.   This range of switch will not detect the constant falling material under normal operating conditions.  However, if the chute blocks then the microwave signal will decrease and the switch will detect this change and will output an alarm condition.  This provides an ideal non-contact, non-invasive solution.


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