Hycontrol acquire Charis Technology

Hycontrol Ltd. have acquired Charis Technology Ltd., a British company located in the South East of England specializing in the detection, measurement and control of aqueous and non-aqueous foams in industrial processes.

 Charis Technology Ltd. is the market leader in this instrumentation
 segment. Over the last 15 years their design team has developed the
 largest range of products for foam control in the world. Their wide
 experience of problematic applications, from biotechnology to effluent
 treatment, enables them to provide intelligent solutions to any foam
 control problem. Thanks to their unique IMA sensing® technology Charis
 systems continue to work reliably, despite the inevitable sticky build-up
 of foam and product on the sensor.                                                        

 The Charis manufacturing function has now been moved into the
 Hycontrol facility in Redditch which includes extensive machining
 capabilities, large production facilities and a wide support structure
 necessary for the efficient manufacture and development of these

Hycontrol supply a wide range of level measuring technologies including TDR, ultrasonic and radar but not have the capability to reliably measure foam! 

This acquisition will benefit Charis customers, firstly by the addition of an extensive UK sales team including four internal engineers and six external engineers. Secondly, Hycontrol have four technical support and service engineers to resolve any issues and respond to customer demands quickly. Charis will also have access to Hycontrol's development team increasing the R&D resource for new developments. 

The Charis range will continue as it is but will be able to grow significantly with the investment and security supplied by Hycontrol backing its activities. 

We are keen to maintain the relationship with customers in the same manner as previous years but with the intention of improving both the service and products. The Hycontrol products will also be available giving a much wider range of capability. Hycontrol can measure everything from sand and sugar to chemicals and acids. 

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